BTS Cause an Online Storm with their SNL Performance

Lat night, Kpop boy band BTS performed on SNL with host Emma Stone, making them the first ever South Korean artists to appear on the show. Their performance was marked by much anticipation, with great excitement from the fans and plenty of advertising from the show itself.

They performed the day after the release of their new album Map of the Soul: Persona, performing their single “Boy with Luv” and their popular “Mic Drop Remix”, causing quite a storm on all social media platforms, namely Twitter. Fans fawned over the perfect choreography and the live singing, and even some mentioned how one of Rm’s outfits was from “Persona: Intro”.

Their performance on the show brought a jump in SNL viewership ratings that hasn’t happened in years. It also put the show as number one on trending lists, another feat for the show.

BTS’s new video for “Boy with Luv”, featuring Halsey, has already broken 116 million views in two days.

One thought

  1. I suspect over the next ten/twenty years there’s gonna be a for real pop culture Asian Invasion. KPop ,Movies, and Manga, are all here to stay, since Millenials are all into it, grew up on a steady diet of it, and are the ones deciding the next big trends. Im looking forward to it. At least it will be different! I’m not a Kpop fan. I prefer KHop, although there’s a bit of overlap. But then I’m a GenX with unusual tastes, soooo…..


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