No, I Don’t Want to pay $40 for one Awards Show

So last sunday was the Grammys’. I’ve never actually seen the Grammys’ before, and figured that I this year might be the year to try watching it. Some interesting performers were up for awards, so I was intrigued.

Except, whenever I tried to figure out where it was streamed, I realized I could access none of the listed sites. Under my Dad’s account, I have access to DirectTV, CBS, and Hulu. But were they showing the Grammys’ on any of these sites? Nope, you have to pay $40 a site just to access their special “live” versions. Even when I tried looking it up directly on DirectTV (on my laptop), the Grammys’ couldn’t play because of copyright law. Copyright by who? Who even knows.

It annoys me to no end that these companies want you to by their “special” subscription just to be able watch something that you won’t really have access to again, just to boost subscriptions. No one wants to subscribe to “Hulu Live”, or something like that, they just want Hulu. Stop making this more difficult than it needs to be.

And, as for DirectTV, they had it on their special “on the go” subscription, but for some reason copyright prevented it from having it on their regular site? Even though I could look up the Grammys’, and get all the way to the “watch now” button before it’s a problem? Ridiculous.

Now, I could have technically gone downstairs and watched in on the TV itself. My landlady lives in the house I stay in, and has a TV set that has access to CBS. However, she had people over, and was in the living room with those people, which would have made it rather strange to just walk in and change the channel. So, while technically I could have done something, in reality it would have been socially unacceptable.

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