ICE Arrests 21 Savage

This morning, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, known as ICE, detained and is in the processes of deporting grammy-nominated rapper 21 Savage in Atlanta. In their report, they reveal that the rapper, who was presumed to be American, was actually from England. The rapper, who’s real name is Shayaabin Abraham-Joseph came to the the US legally as a minor in 2005. However, once his visa expired in 2006, he continued to stay, never renewing it in the process.

The report shocked many 21 Savage fans, who associate the rapper strongly with the Georgia rap scene. In fact, the “21” in his name is in reference to a gang located in Decatur, Georgia. He now currently sits in a detention center in Georgia, awaiting trial before an immigration court.

The most interesting part about this revelation is the fact that this hadn’t been discovered before. Fans tend to go to stalker levels of information diving in order to find out everything they possibly can on a celebrity they follow. It’s surprising that no one looked further than his teenage years, or just followed the assumption that he was born in Atlanta, where he started his career.

Another surprising factor is that his immigration status didn’t come up during his felony drug charges in 2014. Felony charges done by immigrants, whether legal or non-legal, in the US gets the immigrant automatically deported, and they cannot appeal. Once they are deported, they are not allowed to even return to the US, even for vacation. The fact that all throughout his trial his status as an immigrant never came up. He was tried as a full US citizen.

How 21 Savage was able to keep his status a secret, especially being such a public figure, is rather intriguing. As the case stands, there is no certainty on whether or not he will get deported, even with a past felony charge putting him in a disadvantaged spot to begin with. It will be interesting to see how the events unroll.

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