How “Daddy” got Popular in all the Wrong Ways

It was a mere six years ago when the term “daddy”, which holds it’s place as a part of the Daddy/Little Girl/Boy kink, broke the scene into mainstream Internet media. Once a niche kink that was relatively unknown, the Daddy/Little Girl/Boy kink became widely known, with much criticism following it. The term “daddy” especially gained criticism, while at the same time becoming a meme within social media. Now it is a permanent fixture, although for many it has ruined the original pure meaning of the term.

But first: what is the Daddy/Little Girl/Boy kink? The kink consists of two consenting partners, in which one, the “Daddy” is the dominating male, and the other, the “Little Girl/Boy”, is the submissive type. It is kind of like age play (where one person pretends to be much younger), except more mature, with the submissive figure playing the “cutesy little kitten” type. The submissive will even address the dominant as “Daddy” in a sexual way, trying to get their attention and be used for sexual acts. There are not that many people in this kink, although within recent years it has gained more traction.

When the term “Daddy” broke onto the scene, it permanently changed how many teens and young adults saw the term. People started to use it in a mock sexual and comedic manner, although it’s innocent beginning for most was tarnished. Even I’ve been affected, and every time I hear the word used in a non-mocking manner makes me uncomfortable.

A few years ago, however, the backlash finally arose against the use of “daddy” in a sexual manner. People wanted its innocent meaning to be at the forefront again, and for its use in a sexual manner to sink back out of existence. Anyone who tried to argue in defense of the kink was shot down by the masses, and it was pushed down.

Going into the modern era, the term is much less common, but still tainted. It is still used as a joke, which keeps it’s dirty meaning from fully fading among young adults, although it doesn’t seem to be presenting itself to younger teens, anymore. But it will be a long time before it’s finally gone.

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