How 13 Reasons Why and Twilight Aren’t so Different

The last thing I wanted to see when I went on Netflix a week ago was a trailer for 13 Reasons Why Season Two. Just by watching the first five seconds of the trailer, I already knew the new season was probably worse than the first one, if that was even possible. But I wasn’t about to waste my time by watching it to find out.

When the show’s first season came out, and I found people all around me ranting and raving about it, I decided to give it a try. It took me two tries to even finish the show, the second try being my sister making me watch it with her to make fun of it. Watching the show was painful, and not for any of the right reasons. Let me explain why.

One: It glorifies suicide. For a show about warning against suicide, it sure does an awful job of doing so. It makes it seem like if you commit suicide, there will be some attractive boy that you loved fighting for your justice. While this message may seem ridiculous to adults, to teenagers this may seem like a beautiful way to go. Also, it pins the blame on everyone around Hannah, with some being targeted for the most ridiculous reasons. What comes to mind is Clay. The scene where Hannah literally screams at him to go away, and he leaves is the big scene that I thought was unreasonable, because he ends up getting the most blame for her suicide. He acted like any reasonable person getting literally screamed at, why should he get blamed for her suicide?

Plus, although they keep saying that “it was her decision in the end”, they still make it seem like it was everyone else’s fault. And although some reasons were actually valid, others were plainly not.

Did it turn kids away from suicide? Absolutely not. In fact, the show has been tied to an increase in suicide searches, which spiked within the first 12 to 19 days of the shows release. Also, chat forums were flooded with young teenagers seeing the tapes as beautiful suicide letters, and that “that was the way they wanted to go”, going entirely against their purpose.

Second: The writing is just plain terrible. You know how in Twilight, the production quality was really good, but the message and the writing were just bad? Yeah, that’s this show, but instead of glorifying unhealthy vampire relationships, it glorifies suicide.

The writing was so bad, that during scenes that were supposed to be “deep” and “emotional”, I couldn’t stop myself from laughing. Many of the lines were overdone and cliche, and the moments that were supposed to count were ruined by the writing. I have to applaud the actors, though. They were surprisingly good, and did the best with what they could, which definitely differs from Twilight. It was a shame that the writing was just painful to listen to.

All in all, I wouldn’t recommend watching the show to anyone, nor would I say that this show was “innovative” or good. It is just high production garbage.

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